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Originally Posted by Moondog007 View Post
Mrcross never said anything to imply he was associated with Flock. Anyone who actually had that impression would need a neurological exam. Every word he wrote made clear he developed a similar competing product with his company. He was also pretty nice about what he said about the Flock product. Clearly both Mrcross and Flock are developing really interesting products. All publicity is good publicity. The more people are talking about this concept, the better it is for both companies.
Unfortunately this thread is not about a concept. I started this thread to talk about a product that I watched developed over several years, and that I was very interested in, and found it functional. The product is the Flock Audio Patch. Not anything else.

I understand how other competitors will find an alley to try to advertise their product. This individual who has a competitive product perhaps could of started his own thread. He has unveiled his immaturity in his conversation with others, as well as his arrogance. Not really a great marketing ploy. It was found self evident by others involved in this thread already.

Flock Audio wants to make sure they separate themselves from this type of individual and company. Which I see as entirely fit for this conversation.
If people think this other product is great, wonderful, go over there and talk about it.

For those of you who have invested in the Patch already and work with it on a day to day basis please keep the information coming so it can help others. All the best.