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Old 30th April 2019
Here for the gear

[QUOTE=DirkP;13944324]Same question here. The Zoom music cams have different automatic gain settings with a lot of compression/limiting. There is a manual gain setting, too. Do you use it? I just have the Q4. The Q8 has low cut and dynamic settings for each channel, so a lot of things we don't know could be wrong in your setup.
As always in relation to price the audio quality of these units is very good (much better than the camera quality IMO).

I bought one and tried to make a couple vids but they sounded horrible. I found a setting called pad, and I set mic gain to -6 and it came out like this

Honestly haven't had time to mess with it and I know next to nothing about recording so it doesn't sound great. I'm sure someone with skills can make it sound great. You can record the video separate from 2 wave files so they can be edited.