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Hi All,

Some members have privately messaged me and expressed some confusion towards this thread, and I thought it was important to quickly revisit to address it. Unfortunately what originally started out as a constructive thread focusing on discussions around the Flock Audio PATCH System from customers has taken a confusing turn.

There is a GearSlutz member here named “mrcross” who has posted some troubling comments towards some members of this thread discussing the PATCH System. We want everyone to know that “mrcross” is in no way affiliated or represents Flock Audio or our products.

We appreciate and welcome all customer constructive feedback and know that you can always contact us via our for direct support, recommendations or questions etc.

As for some of the suggestions/requests here on this customers thread, please know we have taken all these concerns into account and look forward to releasing V1.2 of the PATCH APP in the coming weeks which will address your concerns plus more.

P.s. For those of you with really high I/O counts... PATCH is only the beginning.

Cheers & Happy PATCHing!

Darren Nakonechny
CEO | Flock Audio Inc.

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