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Mixing in the box

Hi Andrew,

First of all, thanks for giving us the opportunity to get some insight in your process and thinking. I am a big fan of your work and I really enjoy watching your interviews and tutorials, not only because of the value they offer, but also because of your funny and relaxed style of presenting and explaining stuff.

I think it is so cool, that really high profile mixers, like you, are completely in the box. That leaves the average guys (like me) with no excuses, which is a great thing.

I assume everything you mix is extremely well recorded. Great Mics, great Pres and probably some EQ and compression on the way in.
But now looking at the average bedroom producer: Do you feel like you could mix something in the box even though it just went through an average mic and a budget Interface on the way in?

What would you do differently? More saturation to "emulate" the behaviour of the driven preamps and all the transformers?

Thanks again and have a great weekend!