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The SP-16 stays in sync perfectly and has no drift. It must be your other gear delivering a sloppy clock.
It is of course possible that all my other gear is faulty, and that the SP-16 is the only piece working correctly. However, I find that improbable.

I have tried to sync with the SP-16 as slave both over USB (from multiple DAWs) and over MIDI DIN (from multiple hardware units, including an MX-1). In all cases, it always drifts, even when it displays a solid BPM on the MIDI clock.

With more testing, however, I discovered that the SP-16 only drifts when it changes patterns (in arrangement mode or manually). If I loop just one pattern it never drifts, so it should be possible to record each pattern one-by-one by starting it separately, even if inconvenient.

However, this adds more evidence to the theory that the SP-16 is the problem, since it apparently is just fine with an external clock when not changing patterns. I believe each pattern change adds a short time shift that becomes quite noticeable over time.

When you say the SP-16 stays in perfect sync and has no drift, have you tried using it in arrangement mode or when changing patterns over a couple of minutes?