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Old 27th April 2019
Here for the gear

Louie and Chris taking both your comments into account, I made the following tweaks:

(Loud headphone listen)
-Less drums up to the bridge
-Less drums in general
-More piano, and less extreme panning
-HPF and low-mid EQ on bass, mains, snare, kick, overheads, going after boxiness
-High Shelf 1-2dB on mains, piano, drums trying to get rid of the muffled sound
-Narrow EQ cut into the first rack tom that sounds too close.
-More snare (relative to kit) and a small hi-mid boost.

Also revisited the panning. Things moved around a bit after some HPF/EQ but generally the low-end of the mix is more 'centred' I would say.

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