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Does anyone have names of top Doctors that deal with musicians in the US. I’ve had shoulder, arm, etc pains for years. Each DR I’ve seen has no clue. I’ve had MRI’s , Ultrasound etc. nothing shows up. If anyone knows of any I’d appreciate it. Doesn’t really matter where they are located as I can always get their recommendations. Thanks.
In general you go to a sports medicine Dr, for such aliments, The best sports medicine doctors are generally located in cities where large ivy league schools are. Harvard Boston, Yale Conn, Stanford SF. etc....

I had a drummer years ago who had bad tendonitis and he got on the Internet and found a Dr. in Cambridge, MA that operated on MLB pitchers. The guy cured him through some fusion surgery. So look for those type of guys who do Tommy John Surgery. I can't recall the Dr. name it was 20 years ago.

However, I would think that any reputable orthopedic surgeon in a large metro area can help you. I could be wrong but sometimes you have to get lucky to find a creative Dr. you thinks outside the box,
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