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Summing with flavours

Hey out there,

my first post here in the forum.
I run a studio in Germany. We work here in some kind of network and the most part of my job is mixing.

Till now I used a Phoenix Nicerizer for summing.
I like the sound of it a lot, and it is part of my workflow.
But from time to time i have to stay in the box, cause the nicerizer gives too much flavour to the source - even if not hit very hard.

Since Dangerous has released the 2-Bus Plus the price for the older units keeps dropping. One can get the older 2-Bus under 1000 bucks.
The older 2-Bus are clean sounding. They give a little separation and width, but the source stays fairly untouched.

I was thinking about selling the Nicerizer and get one of the 2-Bus in addition with some flavour boxes, to be able to stay clean and have color.

I am not a technical expert so i want to ask which options are there to add some color after the 2-Bus.

I know that I can buy a Nice DI to get my Phoenix sound partly back if I use it after the 2 Bus. Partly because all the active circuit in the Nicerizer will not be longer part of the chain. But i guess it is mostly the output transformer of the nicerizer that gives this box its sound.
I like it cause it has a "neveisch" sound.

Are there similar options out there? Perhaps a pair of heritage audio 73´s?