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Very impressive progress, especially without the help of a crew! I'm not a pro builder, but I've done enough masonry and concrete work to appreciate the sort of backbreaking effort it takes (and the mess the dust makes). Nice work.
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Geez, man, this is incredible! I've really enjoyed watching this whole process and I applaud your courage, not to mention your builder chops. I'm a terrible handyman so the thought of taking on a project like that would crush me! But it's always very inspiring to see someone really doing it.

I grew up in Albuquerque so I've always felt a lot of kinship for Denver. There are a lot of great musicians there and it looks very much like you're building an extremely cool asset to the music community. Plus, the photos of your house and neighborhood make me homesick! There's nothing like that starkly beautiful southwest vibe.
Thanks guys! It's a labor of love really as long as it's for this!

@ Progger yeah it's another gorgeous spring out here now. Austin is a great place to be as well...