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5 CT12? Ahaha I guess you liked them. Sell me one of them please :-D Now I’m curious what about the mods? Were the CT12 a great upgrade than the normal CK12?
The mods were done by Allen Luke of Luke Audio, modifying the backplates to accommodate 1-micron Mylar with Platinum... Along with some mods to the C12 circuit (large-core transformer by Samar Audio instead of small-core and a 5751 instead of 6072) inspired by conversations I had with Stephen Paul prior to his passing. These were new custom mics done by Chris Prucher of Barbaric Amplification.

The big “complaint” some people say about the CT12 is the “extra proximity” and its kinda true if trying to close mic, clausingva muffled-sound. That’s why I chose to use it in a 251-type mic where there’s low-end roll-off built in the design. I also put them in a pair of Lomo 19A13 circuit mics with NOS original tubes and transformers, but I haven’t played with them enough to figure out what’s going on there. There’s no low-end what-so-ever and the top is very gritty. Don’t know if it’s cool yet. I have a feeling changing the transformers will make all the difference if they don’t end up cool as is.