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There is a real good mic/eq thread going on now on GS: Al Schmitt “On the Record” and Mic as EQ Theory)
This was one of the reasons I started that thread. I can say what I got out of it is because of the axis issues and even higher quality parts, getting it right at the source is the way to go. This can easily be done by building mics for cheap. The circuit designs have all been copied and better parts swapped in for lower distortion and noise. Capsules can be copied on a CNC machine to the micrometer. Skinning it is another issue. I think I finally figured out the difference in 3 micron vs 6 micron. $$$$ You can skin twice as many with 3 micron as 6 micron. Maybe the 3 has better transient response but none of the big high end capsule makers use 3. I read on another thread the AAM and Peluso capsules are made in the same plan. AAM’s are skinned at the plant and Peluso’s are skinned at his plant. I would love to have some original classics, but building from kits and playing with circuit attenuation and capsules is just too easy. You don’t even need to build that many to have a nice pallet to choose from. K47, K67, C12, Shoeps, and a couple tubes and your done.