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Sorry I'm late to this.

It's a great program. I've used Cubase for years and it's a very mature program with a billion features. But there are so many of these features I don't use from day to day so it seems bloated to me. I came by Audition through using Illustrator and got a awesome deal from Adobe to add most of their other Apps.
For some people Audition could be a great DAW. I haven't been able to use it much yet but it's layout and workflow I took to immediately...I love it! To me it just makes sense how they designed this program. It's a joy to use and people like song writers, You tube publishers etc., may find it's perfect for them.

I'm finding myself loading it up over Cubase to just get in and put down some ideas and I'm starting to play around with video and it's so simple to make a video of your band or yourself playing and it all integrates so well with the audio tracks...can't say enough about how I enjoy working in this tool.

I wish Adobe would price this differently because I'm sure there are others out there like me who would take to this tool like ducks to water.
I use Sonar and occasionally Cubase. When I was in the UK I tried to use my brother's copy of Audition to work out multiple guitar parts for a recording I would be doing when I got back to the US.

I must admit I found it very difficult to work with, although probably no worse than moving to any other strange DAW after using a different one for years.

With basic Sonar available for free from Band camp nowadays, I doubt too many new users will want to stump up $20/month for Audition, although that might be fine for anyone who has a lot of learning time already invested in it.