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Are any plug-ins comparable to real tube distortion?

Which ones?

I have quite a bit of those that do tube emulation, but my experience with real tubes is limited. I once had a GAP COMP-2A.

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Probably 50 threads already on GS to research. Nothing new to learn. A few say yeah, most say no.
If there were only one 'ideal' guitar sound, it would be easy to evaluate plug-ins versus hardware.

For SOME folks, a digital amp sim box or plugin might nail the sound in their heads (especially if that sound is one that has been derived from a stack of effects, is associated with a big hit, and which has inexperienced guitarists clamoring for me-too sounds)... for others, though -- particularly clean tone players who don't use any/many FX and who depend on changes of guitar playing/dynamics and the dynamic impedance relationship between passive pickups and the amp's input stage for their approach, amp sims and plugs may prove far too 'static' and unresponsive for their needs.