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But the tread is about debating which is the BEST digital eurorack VCO.... do you actually think the LI is objectively better than the SS in some way? Or do you just think it is more fun or something? Would your position be, I find the LI more fun but the best DVCO is probably the SS or the super expensive thing someone else posted?
Do I think the LI is better than the SS? No, but my no is contextual. SS is a super powerful and flexible option, there is no denying that. I also don’t think there is a “one dvco to rule them all” either. The goal of your system, specific sounds you are after, or the type of music you create all matter and there may be a better option to get there.

Is the SS the most flexible? It certainly makes a strong case for it though the ER-301 makes possible stronger case. Sometimes inspiration is found in limitations though or inspiration can be found in fundamental design considerations (type of synthesis, amount / destination of modulation inputs). The NE stuff is definitely fairly targeted with its algorithms and sonic palette. That can cut both ways.

Personally I’m a big fan of the Harvestman modules precisely because they are lower bit resolution, gritty, and fairly unashamedly digital. Those jagged digital waveforms do wonders passing through my various vacuum tube modules and filters. Is that going to work for every style of music? Hell no. Are they the best for me? So far, absolutely.