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The Shapeshifter seems like it fits your workflow well and it is a sound you prefer. That’s totally ok. I just have to balk at it doing exactly the same things that this other oscillator does when that’s not accurate and ignores the fundamentally different design considerations these various manufacturers have taken with their oscillators.
Of course I don't mean you can use the exact same algorithms on the SS because there are no such modes. Of corse. I was just saying the general sonic palate you get from the LI can be replicated in a close enough way to call it "the same kind of ****" in about 4 seconds on the SS. Granted, if you don't want to twiddle knobs and not have to think about what it going on in the unit then the LI is better than the SS hands down but I don't care much for just sitting twiddling knobs. The way I work is, I work towards a goal sound which I have in my head. Sometimes I'm surprised along the way, but generally I have something in my head and I try and achieve exactly that. I am aware however that many or even most people just sit and twiddle until they hear something they like. That is not bad or anything, that's just not my way of working.

But the tread is about debating which is the BEST digital eurorack VCO.... do you actually think the LI is objectively better than the SS in some way? Or do you just think it is more fun or something? Would your position be, I find the LI more fun but the best DVCO is probably the SS or the super expensive thing someone else posted?