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awareness, presence and the light of consciousness will destroy the narcissistic needs of the ego, notice how the ego drags you into arguments and fights, it thrives on drama and negativity....
Yeah working on it, a project in progress

I've been doing mindfulness focus exercises off and on for a few years now, in an "on" phase the last couple months. Its definitely helpful in understanding the layers of your mind and your various ongoing thought processes (many working against you), and in building the brainpower strength to stay in control of your focus. Defining the ego as the past/future voice that uses negative mental energy like worry/concern/fear/guilt/embarrassment to distract your focus and take it from your control has been accurate and helpful in understanding how the mind works. The ego becomes a very clear identifiable force in your mind, that you're able to weaken and silence through general ongoing mindfulness of your thoughts, increasingly as you build focus strength through the exercises.

I still argue like a maniac when I see dumb shht though haha. Long long long way from Buddha.