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Old 23rd April 2019
Here for the gear

Alright I’ll bite... again...

You are still comparing fundamentally different oscillators and coming up with a subjective feeling about them.

For example, let’s take the SS vs the LI:
They both offer PM synthesis but the results are not the same due to the modulation destinations available. They both have a sound and take you down different sonic paths.

The SS doesn't offer the LI's VO or SS modes (a VOSIM algorithm and summation synthesis) which are fundamentally different methods of synthesis and algorithms that I doubt the Shapeshifter could replicate easily, if at all. If you were selective with the two wave banks on the Shapeshifter and patient with the sync and combining modes, you could maybe get similar static results, but once you toss modulation at either, they’ll quickly part ways in response once again.

The SS offers a lot of waveforms to select from giving you a wide sonic palette, certainly wider than the LI since it doesn’t feature wavetables. The SS offers things like chord mode, the LI does not.

The Shapeshifter seems like it fits your workflow well and it is a sound you prefer. That’s totally ok. I just have to balk at it doing exactly the same things that this other oscillator does when that’s not accurate and ignores the fundamentally different design considerations these various manufacturers have taken with their oscillators.