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Supremely subjective. I've got a Shapeshifter and barely touch the thing. Loquelic Iteritas on the other hand, me love you long time. And don't get me started on the Make Noise DPO. *splursh*
DPO - I have one. Agree. It's great. IMHO best analogue eurorack osc

I'm assuming you haven't surrendered an entire day sitting down with your shapeshifter with the manual and really persevering to learn the unit inside out. I say this because you can do exactly what the Loquelic Iteritas does simply by having the shapeshifter on Basic 1 / basic 1, using the fold output and modulating FM, fold and shape. But from there you can do exactly the same **** plus a million additional things that the Loquelic Iteritas could never do.