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DIY Advice Needed: Using RS232 to RS485 adapter to control DMX lights through PC

Hello, I'm new here so first, just a hello to everyone on this forum.

Anyways allow me to explain my situation here.

I received a certificate in General Live Sound and Lighting (not the exact name) a few years back and have returned to upgrade to a diploma. Me being the one student who does electronics as a hobby, was challenged by my instructor to build a device to control DMX lighting via a PC. However there was one limitation I had to follow, the device must be controlled over good old RS-232.

At first I figured this would be easy, I would purchase a simple RS-232 to RS-485 adapter from Amazon. However, I then came to think of software support. I see lots of USB to RS-485 adapters out there being used with the Enttech OpenDMX plugin in DMXControl. However, it doesn't make sense to invest $12CAD in a device that may very likely not work with this same setup.

So, I'm looking for advice from someone with better "serial knowledge".

The main question is: Is anyone aware if any of the DMX Control programs out there may be able to talk through these devices, or can the popular software control fixtures through this device?

P.S. This is the device I am looking at on the Canadian Amazon.

No sense in spending money if it likely won't work.