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Old 21st April 2019
Here for the gear

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These are all issues I'm seeing as well, including having to restart the server - and sometimes my Mac - to get back up and running. In the middle of session, it's a real buzzkill.

Does anyone of you exactly know the function of the Antelope server? Can anyone explain it to me? All I know is that the server is required to check the existence of available updates. In addition, the server is responsible for incoming connections (such as from the mobile app).

But why in the world is it a prerequisite for the TB / USB connection between the control panel and the hardware?

Who understands this confusing software architecture? Why are customers bothered with such technical details as they only want to operate their audio interface via a control software?

If the server does not work, the launcher will not show any hardware. Unfortunately, the hardware can only be operated to a limited extent without the control panel.

If I want to start the control panel for my Orion Studio, I always have to restart the server via the Admin function in the launcher (latest version). Although the launcher shows me that the server is running. The launcher does not even know for sure if the server is really running. And again and again I get these strange permission popups.

The support explained to me that the server is running on "root level" of the computer, and therefore requires extensive permissions on the computer. The problem more or less would be the "security measures of Apple". They also told me that "software development decisions" are not commented by support. In the meantime, the ticket was closed again "due to inactivity".

Well that worries me a lot.

Do they really still know what they are doing? Are they following the OS manufacturers development guidelines or do they follow their own proprietary ideas? Or have they screwed themselves into ideas that are neither sustainable nor can they ever be reversed, because everything else builds on them?

Or is a company that builds an audio interface into a microphone and emulates Neves and Pultecs in it (Edge Go) just so super great that you should not ask such stupid questions? Sorry, I miss the link.