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Seems pretty subjective overall. Most of the other oscillators you tried are different in design and lacking certain features that the SS has built in. I wouldn’t call any of the NE stuff boring, nor would I call the PHIII “glassy distorted trash,” but context is always key. I wouldn’t argue that those other oscillators can replicate the SS either without aid of other modules (again... design and features matter). Other highly regarded digital oscillators include the ER-301 which may be more up your alley, though it sounds like you have already found what you like.

Also are we comparing wavetable oscillators or complex oscillators. There can be overlap of course, but a complex oscillator in my mind is one based fundamentally around the Buchla 259 design. The PHIII you tried for example would not qualify as a complex oscillator in my mind though it has some minor provisions for FM. The IME Hertz Donut mkI or mkII would.
Thanks for your reply!

Sure it is all subjective I guess but I felt like I could literally do everything the NE Oscs could do on the SS yet the NE stuff couldn't do everything I can do on the SS, so when I had a couple of them in my rack I just felt they were completely redundant.

I have seen the ER-301 a lot floating around online but never got my hands on one. Maybe that is something I can look into. I have also used the IME Hertz Donut in Schneiders and wasn't amazed although it wasn't terrible, maybe I need more time with it but I don't see it as a competitor for the SS.

The way I use the SS is mostly to NOT change wavetable sets from Basic 1 or 2. Sometimes it can be fun to try the other ones but I find that the complexity you can create just by using basic 1 or 2 is sufficient to cover most sounds and if it only had basic 1 or 2 installed I wouldn't miss the others at all. So in this sense I don't even use the SS as a wavetable oscillator anyway and use it more as a "normal" complex oscillator. I also have the Make noise DPO and love how it sounds, for example, try doing hard sync with saws on the SS and then try the exact same thing on the DPO and it will just sound better. But the SS dwarfs the DPO for possibilities.

The point of the thread was not necessarily that I was looking for a new oscillator but more to see if people agreed the SS was the best D VCO, which I am arguing it is at this point. Although I will have to check out the ER-301.