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Old 21st April 2019
Here for the gear

Metric Halo LIO 8 3d not musical sounding

Hey guys

I have a MH LIO 8 3d. It's fantastic and sounds clean and open.
I also have a Prism Titan which came after and it was because I compared AD of MH and Lavry blue and Lavry was way more musical and 'correct sounding'.

Needless to say Prism AD is superior and satisfyingly musical.

Now MH clocked to Prism get's me closer with MH but gee man it's just not musical. They are both High end for sure but I lose the music connection with stuff going on MH DA. It's so frustrating that I'm considering a more musical box and forgoing all the best stuff of MH because even though I regard it highly, I make music not geekery. Had Apogee Ensemble which was more musical but less detailed ofcourse but I'm really just after the music and not features.

Who else shares a similar perspective? What box to complement my Prism(which I will never let go off).