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I think one of the great places is the netflix standards. It's 5.1 focused: SPECIFICATIONS & GUIDES – Netflix | Partner Help Center
For more details look under the sub area: Netflix Sound Mix Specifications & Best Practices v1.1 – Netflix | Partner Help Center

This is also in line with the apple delivery requirements, also since apple distributes both film & music at volume I think itunes distribution is pretty compelling: Guides - Movies - iTunes Connect Resources and Help with some of the deliver specs for 5.1 at .

For pure music itunes has starting to do binaural, but I'm a bigger fan of 5.1 with some type of video with the music. There's a bunch of more "experimental" things for VR, but it's really hard for me to see which channel is going to really make it. I have about one of everything VR/XR - trying to figure distribution out, but as a consumer I prefer apple and netflix, with my fancy 5.1 system connected via itunes.