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Surround/ambisonic/Atmos distribution

Hi all, I like this new sub-forum. Never seen it before but I'm assuming it's fairly new...

Anyway, I usually record classical audio, live concerts and producing location session work too. My masters are all delivered in stereo format, somewhere between CD rate (44.1/24) and Ultra-Hi Res (192/24).

Recently I've been having discussions with a few label owners who are interested in experimenting with Dolby Atmos, multi-channel audio or even VR.

I'm curious as to whether there are any slutz here that are currently recording MUSIC that is being recorded/mixed/distributed in formats beyond two channel CD or streaming at the moment. I'd love to know if there are any online distribution methods for multichannel audio?
How are you using ambisonic captures in your mixing/masters?
Has anybody here worked on a music focused or music only Dolby Atmos release?

Thanks, Dave