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Originally Posted by Peter Craft View Post
I'm tempted by The Box 2, but the lack of EQ and busses are the big concerns for me. Do you do all of your EQ ITB? How would you do parallel compression of a full kit with OTB compressors? Create a separate drum buss in the DAW and go out to separate channels on The Box?
With the Box 2 you have those 8 channels you could throw any flavor 500 EQ's in and yes route stereo buses from your DAW into them. I EQ both ITB using Nebula/Acquas and some hardware. Every channel in the summing side has balanced inserts also so any hardware can be inserted there too. Master section also has an insert with the ability to patch another mixer into the main bus before the comp..... I plan to pick up an SSL Six to use as a drum submixer, with the SSL bus comp, then into the master PGM insert as I LOVE SSL on electronic drums.

All in all the Box is extremely flexible and able to be bent to different workflows without breaking the bank IMHO.

Originally Posted by Peter Craft View Post
I guess I'm also questioning at what point the console becomes moot. If it's not doing much beyond analog summing, is it doing anything for you over ITB?
The speed of working on faders is to me an huge advantage (but the Box has the zero sum button too), and as it's a hybrid solution you still get everything the DAW can do into what analogue can do best..... glue with saturation. So while I love working in a DAW for automation, editing, recall, and high track count NOTHING beats driving a console stereo bus for analog saturation with a touch of analog bus compression to bring the mix together fast.

I also use the DI's on the Box for my hardware synths teamed with some DIYRE/HRK/LTL Colour modules for powerful color options OTB on the tracking side. IMHO today a quality console helps give you a strategic advantage over just ITB work and I want the best of both worlds now more than ever.

As always, to each their own.