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Originally Posted by nosebleedaudio View Post
Early Chicago recordings were API, very different from Rumors, IMHO..
So like ANY recording what you do during tracking/mixing can/does have a BIG influence on the "Sound"..Eq, compression, Mics & placements ect...
Some records sound pretty dull compared to others on the SAME console...
There is NO doubt in my mind that 2" 16 vs 2" 24 made a very noticeable difference..the 525 compressor no doubt has a sound and is kinda limited on what you can get out of it...IMHO...
The first 3 (at least) Chicago records were done at Columbia in NYC with in house custom consoles. Mid period was Caribu ranch, which had the ill faded Olive (look that thing up...) for a short time then Neve 80 series.

What early Chicago records used an API?