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And then mix how? ITB?

On my own stuff (admittedly more songwriter demos than "records") I've used probably 95% API 512c. I like 'em.

API sent me a pre-release 512v to check out and I liked it even more -- more flexible -- hence my lunchbox fantasy.

When I say "more flexible," it's because the v has a second, trimmable gainstage in it, meaning you can deliberately overdrive the first gainstage which can sound great in certain applications. You can't do this with any other genuine API pre (see the CAPI range for alternatives) without inserting a pad or trimmer between the pre and the next stage. And that includes the 1608.

You may find this informative. As I said, on all my own DIY stuff, I use the 512c's almost always. But there's this internet radio show that I mixed every week until just recently, and I never used the API's for the music in that (they got used on the host and co-host). Those were always a combo of Buzz Audio, Avalon, Manley, and Yamaha 01V. So you can hear results from the same room and same engineer on two different batches of tracks. One is essentially all-API, the other is no-API.

One caveat -- my personal taste runs to the dry, while the "show sound" is quite a bit wetter.

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