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Old 20th April 2019
I am waiting word back about the Superlux mic base that may have a momentary PtT button in it. It looks nice, compact, large switch. It has a permanently attached cable which I don't fancy. It's less than $80.

Also, to make the record clear, I highly value those of us who are able the wield a soldering iron in anger and have the skills to make the little boxes and cables that we all need in a moment's notice. I do it, mostly, every day, on something that needs custom built, modified, shortened, lengthened, fixed, tweaked, messed about with. It is a valuable skill, one I am happy I was taught early in my career.

I worked early on for two firms that installed recording studio electronics (and later, video electronics in big post production houses), and learned from really good custom builders, wire-men, bench techs, studio maintenance guys, rock and roll back-line guys, and the like.

So don't get me wrong. I'm not against the custom build. Sometimes, it is just more efficient in time and money, to buy something off the shelf.

God bless all the DIYers.


PS and a quick plug. I fix these things for cash if anyone has a need.