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Exactly where I'm heading. I have a pile of top quality mic pres already, but I'm wrestling with a mixing console upgrade. Something full featured but cheaper, like a Trident 68, or blow the retirement on a 1608
Blow the retirement and sell it again when the digital times turn around again at maximum profit? That would be a shot in the dark..

Very good candidates: Trident Trimix, a well maintained MCI JH600, Studer 900 series. Sound-Workshop C34, DDA AMR. 16/24 channel Calrec S2.

Out of these my pick would be the Studer or an MCI.

These are ranges from 3500 to 12000. Perhaps the new API The Box II? More adapted to modern day mixing.

The Trident 88 series are very nice but expensive. No idea what the 68 series are going for.

What's your budget anyway?