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I have two of them plus an sq1 and volcamix. Nice setup, fun to work with. BUT I find myself getting fatigued/bored with the timbres I can get. They are either harsh or boring after a while, and I haven't heard anything yet to the contrary. Rhythmic sequences and micro tuning are interesting especially if I randomize gates, or clock somewhat, and between the 2 VMs I have gotten some ok results that way, and some harmonic modulated drones are ok. I find it difficult to achieve woody type timbres instead of the harsh metallic sounds. Also the envelope/function generators don't function well if triggered from the touch keyboard, ie it is impossible, for me, to trigger the lpg in a percussive manner from the touch kbd.. The sequencer does much better, but for myself that gets pretty monotonous. More frustrating still, is the triggering from my qunexus or midi guitar (converted to cv), the VM envelopes don't retrigger, but have to complete cycle before another note can be played. If I am missing something here please let me know.I truly expected to like this system, obviously I sprung for 2 and mixer, but unlike some synths (thinking of my se02) it's limitations are not liberating, but seem simply limiting. For some reason, in spite of all, I keep working on it. It is still fun, I suppose. BTW I've owned a West Coast type Make noise euro rack, as well as 0 coasts, and have Aalto, and so I am not unfamiliar with the processes involved. Maybe if Korg could have squeezed in a multi wave form oscillator, more flexible function generators (can't do any slow envelopes for instance), and pluckier lpgs ... but then it is still an interesting and totally unique synth at the price.
That was my general impression from demos, just doesn't sound that good.