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Well we did not agree about anything from the get go anyway, I already lost you before we met. I have much more sophisticated hardware, difference is that the hardware cannot change anymore once it is in your hands while the soft can at anytime at any pace at no cost but time. Not sure if you are familiar with the phrase "if you are proud of you're alpha then you are too late", well I am not proud of my alpha.

Maybe not as it seems, but I have been very mild because I have close to endless respect for anyone who can get a product out and build a business around it. I am actually handing out between the lines what needs to be done to get it to the next level. That you don't see that is ok, no judgement call whatsoever. I also said that I wish it works out well for you and that still stands. I am not sure who you are really helping out by keep on going.

What on earth are you going on about? Seriously?

Keeping what going? You’re the one that told a potential customer to “Fvck off” and “go play with himself”, and you can’t seem to get the fact that that’s not a good look for any company trying to launch a new product, and others might be put off by that. Especially when you do it on a thread discussing a competing product!

If that’s what you consider “mild”, and that’s a representation of what it would be like to interact with you as a customer, I might be disinclined to do so. The only one “keeping it going” here is you.

It’s not politics. I’m not a brand loyalist. I was very interested in your product also. I already had the Flock on order. I would have easily also purchased your product as well down the road. As it stands, im going to be using my X-Patch cascaded with the Flock. I still need more channels!

Maybe best to stop this discussion, and just focus on your own product launch. Then again, maybe this is part of a brilliant marketing strategy on your part to move the discussion away from the Flock. If so, well played...