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Originally Posted by mirochandler View Post
I got specs from them per email:

I deleted the information because of superhero vendor and GS user: mrcross

So he donĀ“t know an old Signex Patchbay which is one of the forerunner in digital controlled routing...

Ask at Flock Audio about specs. They are friendly and the specs looks fine...

That specs. looks very good in my world.
Maybe someone could make their own measurements with the RMAA freeware (PC).

But there are some things that keeps me away from a purchase at this time:
- it needs to be online
- no stereo handling (comes in the future is written in the manual)
- no bypassing with a singe mouse-click which is the most important point when it comes to a mastering setup (or have I understood it wrong in the manual?)
Good to hear you did not jump head down out of the window. Listen man, I am really sorry if I hurt your feelings. I know online hurts as much as anywhere. I thought it was for the best cause nice would not have gotten to you and others, maybe I was wrong, we will never know cause I cannot turn it around anymore. I took it to the extreme cause that's how I roll. Same goes for product quality and customer satisfaction. So at least you have an indication how far I will go for that too.

Please realize that it can be damaging for one for the short term to have apparently much better specs and for the other in the long term if it will be measured by a proper Audio Precision device eventually and it turns out be a total different story. And it will be measured I guarantee you that. Especially sad if it is done by someone else. Darren has the chance to do it himself on time by simply hiring a specialist for a few hours and it is done. His choice.

The thing is that, as an analogy, a healthy body weight cannot be judged by just reading what's on the display of the weighing scale, you need to take the person's height into account otherwise it really means nothing. I think you already got that since you removed it but anyway.

PM me your address and I will send you a piece for $0 before the year ends. Or if I make it to the NAMM 2020 you can punch me in the face (once), you can't have both of course.
It is the least and only thing I can do to make up for it, I hope you accept it. I guarantee it will never happen again. Who is not awake by now will never be.