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+1 for "tape" - I've got all the UAD tape simulations but find myself using Softube Tape more than all of them put together these days - and it only cost about £40 in a sale!

Big fan of Soundtoys too - Echoboy is just the best delay, Decapitator is awesome, Little Radiator is great for adding dirt. Crystaliser is just mental.

A compressor I never hear anyone mention is NI's Supercharger GT, despite having lots of high end alternatives I find myself using Supercharger GT wherever I want fat and warm. (great on drums and bass) worth grabbing when NI have a big sale (note "GT" - not the standard supercharger.) for people who have Komplete - GT can be bought for £20 when there's a sale on. Just do it! You won't be disappointed.
I think Supercharger qualifies as magical. It wraps around audio like a warm blanket. Very enticing comp/saturator. I actually do not own the GT, but I'd bet it's way more flexible.

Thanks for reminding me. I almost forgot about it.

UA Cooper Time Cube does the hass thing better than anything I know of, very mono compatible, no weird phase stuff, easy to use and sounds great.