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Old 18th April 2019
Here for the gear

hi all !
Andy owner from Italy here, I've been with my A6 since 2001, and still think it’s the most enjoyable absolute weapon in subtractive synthesis.

First of all, let me express how extraordinary I think this thread is and so are the guys contributing to it.
I keep coming back periodically and got emotional each time when reading about mysteries solved and resurrected Andromedas.
( … and also when an original lead designer and programmer chimed in )

Now, as you would imagine, I’m also here because my A6 is down, and I’m not ready yet to sell it for spare parts. I’ll be detailing in my next post what is happening to my synth.

I know a capable tech that I trust, but I can’t ask him to leave everything else and dive into the A6 architecture and troubleshooting,
so as an average a6 owner without much electronics knowledge, I feel it is important to keep on record how much this thread can help anyone in guiding his trusted tech to diagnose and hopefully resurrect a non booting A6.