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I cannot afford both in $$$ and in space and effort to have large OTB compressors. Also, we practically could not all have our own Fairchild 670s or whatever. It's only through digitalization that music production has become so accessible. Thus I like the easiness and availability of plug-ins.

Plug-ins are also particularly good, when you want to do something without introducing unwanted noise. Since particularly affordable OTB tends to be noisy (I have some Behringer composers).

I have some OTB, but my motivation for it is not in order to mix or tune, but rather "fine tune". The purpose it is to be able to possibly add "that last bit" to something, if I'm not satisfied with plug-in sounds.

It can also be used the other way around. Smash drums through OTB to get them "gritty". Then clean them ITB.

I would suggest using "best of the both worlds".