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Well, you know, those recorders (Tascam 424) or any recorder matter of fact, isn't dedicated to just vocals. You can record whatever on any track to compose a song and mix. I was speaking of a whole song mixed in its entirety, sounds more "quiet." Like everything "sibilance" wise around it, goes away and it sounds like a nice quiet mixed song one that DBX NR is applied.
I guess “genius” wasn’t positive enough for you...
I understood what you are doing and the capabilities of the Tascam 424. Perhaps you are attempting sarcasm in schooling me on that subject.
I apologize for painting with too broad a brush. I’m not the mastering police, and anyone can use whatever they please when they are self-mastering.
What I should have said is that this looks to me like the kind of thing that I can imagine any creative engineer trying and possibly using on vocal tracks. I do not think that most pro mastering engineers would put finished mixes through your process.