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Old 16th April 2019
Here for the gear

Best unit to buy? Easy operation

Hi all,
I’m Getting back into recording some demos, but i need advice about multitrack units that have been out there for the past few years..

Needs: affordable (under $500)

Functionality: easy to operate (similar to the zoom r8 (not like the Roland VS series where multiple button commands are needed to record just one track

Inputs: will be recording live drive set (4 mic minimum, but would prefer 4-6 live inputs max to mix up the full kit)

Decent sound on final mix

I didn’t like the Roland because of the multiple commands and am trying to minimize button pressing

I liked the zoom R8 in terms of how easy it is to arm a track and record

My basic setup.. Mic a live drum kit, rythm guitar, bass, and a few vocal tracks

I don’t care how old the unit is, as long as I can record the above mentioned setup that is super user friendly

I personally like the old way I grew up on of a big mixer and an Adat machine- but these newer units have really good sound and I am shopping for something that can meet these needs

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you!