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Old 15th April 2019
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I love the 0300's comment about being "crap" nothing wrong with extremes sometimes.

So I have a pair of 0300's in my room, I have spent as much again as the 0300's cost on professional room treatment and I must say the translation of the 0300's has been excellent - something Mastering engineers have commented on often.

But they are so ruler flat that some people interpret that as boring - for me it just means the excitement has to come from the music not the speakers but everyone has a different approach.

If I was the OP and I wanted to move up from the 0300's then for me it would be to a pair of SCM20ASL Pro which I think are pretty stunning monitors and would be a something very different to the 0300's, if I was upgrading my 0300's I'd been getting the ATC 20's.

The Genelec 8351's are also fantastic - once you're into the £5K + territory it comes down to taste as they're all amazing tools.