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Welcome Andrew - bio/discography!

A big GS welcome to Andrew Scheps! We've been wanting this Q+A to happen for literally years, so we're beyond thrilled that he's taking a bit of time out of his super busy schedule to hang with us.

Some records that Andrew has produced, recorded or mixed -

'Wasteland, Baby!' & 'Hozier' (Hozier)
'Revolution Radio' (Green Day)
'I'm Beside You' (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
'Shangri La' (Jake Bugg)
'Burials' (AFI)
'ARTPOP' (Lady Gaga)
'13' (Black Sabbath)
'What About Now' (Bon Jovi)
'Angel' & 'XO' (Beyonce)
'Born To Die' (Lana Del Rey)
'21' (Adele)
'Born Free' (Kid Rock)
'Death Magnetic' (Metallica)
'Weezer' (Weezer)
'Minutes To Midnight' (Linkin Park)
'99 Problems' (Jay-Z)
'American IV: The Man Comes Around (Johnny Cash)
'We Want Fun' (Andrew W.K.)

... this is just a short list, you can check out a far more detailed discography and get some biographical background at
Wikipedia or here.
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