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This is one of the more insightful posts in awhile I have read about managing system resources to optimize helpful real world issues that come up with trying to use protools in an ahem "professional" environment. My only question and I apologize if off topic is are there any similar resources for getting similar results on a mac?
I have a late 2015 5k imac 4GHZ i7 w/32GB of RAM running High Sierra and PT HD Native 2018.3 w/at Thunderbolt Avid Native box. Thanks hackers. I should add that the lowest useable HW buffer is 256 for me. and I must switch to 512 to mix or 1024 if I want to instantiate Ozone. Also I should mention that anything over 256 introduces noticeable and problematic latencies for me. My tracking session includes usually abut 16-24 tracks in 24/96 w/channel strip on each track and an instantiation of little plate and echoboy jr on aux tracks which show PTs reads as introducing 76 samples of latency.

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