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Old 15th April 2019
Firstly, I'd like to say that I am impressed with this plugin. You're an awesome developer and I really love how you're the good ideas of the community of users, and interacting with them. Codo's.

Secondly, and I apologize if this seems like hijacking or belongs in another thread, but I am curious about what people think about how this dynamic eq sounds, when compared to ozone 8 dynamic eq, pro-q 3, sonnox, tdr nova, melda's dynamic and autodyneq, and possibly gullfoss and smarteq (if they're not completely static in how the AI shifts things... smarteq 2 seems to move, at least when the learn or arm buttons are activated, while gullfoss seems to shape things in a static AI manner, based on the audio).

I see that this is more for drawing in smoothly shaped curves, but I am mostly wondering about how the specific filtering types are handled and what people feel the resulting sound qualities and characteristics can be.

I think that this + gullfoss + soothe (if resonant high boosts become a proble), and DeEdger or Ozone Spectral Shaper (if transient highs or esses become an issue from high boosts), would be a killer combo. Perhaps, a TDR Nova or Ozone 8 Dynamic EQ at the beginning, to do finely tuned & more sharp taming of smaller problem areas... and this + gullfoss to add smooth shapes & bring out frequencies (with perhaps some slight coloration) would be pretty epic. If DMG EQuilibrium types of configurable filtering systems were integrated, it'd be a go-to all-in-one type of thing, for the next 20 years

Perhaps a better point than above, saved for last: combining what surferEQ does, with this more smoothly shaped dynamic EQ, would be epic. What I mean, is how it can wiggle an EQ point up and down a bit, as the audio plays through... to follow the keys that are present in the music. Of course, being able to turn the wiggling function up, down, or off, would be a clear necessity.

Any chance that the dev's of SurferEQ and you guys would collaborate on something like that?

Lastly, I'd love to see something like Airwindows BassKit (FOSS code) be combined into one of these higher end dynamic EQ's, in such a way that the basskit's shaping of tonality causes various types of reactions in how the dynamic EQ's behaviors will react to the music. The surferEQ type of wiggling would be especially awesome, with this type of thing. Thats just one of the things I can think of, when it comes to the Airwindows things. Other things, like Capacitor, Acceleration, and the things that are "like EQ, but not actually EQ," would be especially awesome. Another thing that comes to mind is harmonic excitement or saturation (perhaps, something similar to wavesfactory spectre, but built into a nice smoothly shaped dynamic EQ like this one, and allowing for the subtractive processes as well, so that specific spots can have the added excitement pulled right out of it... as it reacts, dynamically). Something like wavesfactory trackspacer could also be implemented for side-chain ducking types of processes... but that might become impossible within a true dynamic EQ, as wavesfactory is really a multiband compressor with a very large amount of bands. Perhaps, the audio coming into the side chain could be separted into the small bands, like waves factory... and then the processed audio could be a true dynamic EQ that allows the specific chunks of bands to kind of grab the EQ points & move them around a bit.

OK... I've rambled. Interested to see if you've got thoughts on all of that... or if I went overboard and will be ignored by another great dev!