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To answer your question, there are some people who think there's a bright future for "immersive / 3D / spatial" audio in the consumer realm, and equally as many doubters. A few years ago I was researching new interfaces when I came across Morton Lindberg and 2L from Norway (He uses Merging). 2L releases true "audiophile" surround recordings on Blu-Ray, some recorded "in the round", with musicians surrounding an array of microphones in a beautiful space. I had just seen someone talk about 360 video for the first time, so this took me down a rabbit hole to where I am today, doing full audio and video production for 360 video, from pre-pro and stitching to 3D VFX work & ambisonic audio as well. I've been fully immersed in the space for a few years now, and I could talk all day about it, but let me know if you have any specific questions.

Here's a few things you can check out though: SuperSphere VR does live broadcasts of concerts in 360 video, and "The Zero System" is an immersive music label a friend of mine started in LA a while back. Consumers can download music for playback on regular headphones, headphones w/ head-tracking so the image rotates with your head movements, 360 headsets like the Oculus Go, 5.1 systems, or massive hemispherical speaker arrays like those at CCRMA @ Stanford. I've heard some arrays at CCRMA that blew my mind and destroy anything like Atmos - not even close...