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FWIW [I know this isn't the 2nd had sales place... but], I have a RADAR V with 24x 96k "Nyqvist" converters... it comes with the unit, a 48 channel remote [buttons moved around to mirror an MCI JH-24 vs. the standard model that has the buttons arranged like a Studer A-800]. It works great... I just don't have a use for it any longer $4500 + shipping

PM me if you're interested...

this is an insane deal for an insane recorder.

if i didn't already have 2 radar units...i'd be on it.

i actually ran a similar rig to what you used to have at mercenary. yamaha pm2k and radar. some daking, neve, manley, altec, and helios preamps. decent outboard.

someday i'll get it all set back up again.