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It depends on the hum... is it a straight hum at your local voltage? Under your name it say you're from Taipei City, if I remember correctly, Taiwan is all 110v from the wall. Is the hum you're hearing at 110Hz, 220Hz, 330Hz?... or is it more of a higher frequency "buzz" [there are a LOT of different hums... sometimes its just easier to teach the damn thing the words ].

If its a grounding thing [as in two or more paths to ground that have potential energy between them], then you just have to hunt down the grounding thing [there are only 6 combinations to try lifting one or two of... audio input, audio output, electricity from the wall].

If its a higher frequency "buzz" that opens up a whole new can of worms... as it could very well be "air born"... as in "stray field" related... which can come from damn near anywhere... transformers in the room, light switch dimmers, machinery in the neighborhood [especially if there are large printing presses... they're a nightmare].

Do you live by a river or a lake? Those can act as incredible 'ground planes' for random radio frequency signals [though if you're not hearing a radio station or TV station, chances are good that its not RFI related, only "stray field" related... which is none the less a nightmare [at times, not all the time].

Have you tried the unit in different slots in the frame? Have you tried moving the frame to another part of the room? Do you have the ability to buy or make "ground lift barrel connectors" [which is a male XLR on one side, and a female XLR on the other side, that has no attachment from pin 1 to pin 1... which lifts the ground... hence why its called a "ground lift barrel connector"].

Both the BAE and the Daking have been around for decades... chances are great that neither unit is the problem, and that the problem exists in the larger facility [which means it will absolutely be in your best interest to find the SOURCE of the interference and kill it at the source, rather than sending back units].

As always, YMMV

It is a PITA fo sure.

I’m actually back in the US. I’ve just neglected to update my gearslutz profile.

I have tried the rack in a different outlet but no dice. Haven’t moved the rack to another side of the room yet. I think the hum is in the lower frequencies. I looked at the logic eq plug and it looked like the hum was around 40/50 hz but that was just according to the visual of the plug.

No lakes or tv/radio towers...I don’t think. Do you have a thread or any links to help my adventure into exploring the grounding possibilities?
I’m sure that’s not easy to explain. I also have no experience soldering and dabbling in electronics.

In case it helps, I have heritage elite pre/eq’s that don’t have the hum.

Thanks again, Fletcher