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Thank you so much for explaining. That makes a lot more sense now.

Looking at the Lyra, it looks like it's four oscillators intermodulating each other, with the touch-controls providing some of the interaction. This could be replicated with attenuators or VCA's controlling each module's modulation. The rest of it is an LFO, a delay, and some sort of overdrive/distortion. It's a simple setup, something like this:

I went with Noise Reap because I'm a fan of his work, and they're probably some of the cheapest modules on the market. Like ImJohn said though, this is going to cost you more than a Lyra. This setup is $767 before you even include the case, the power, and any tactile control modules you want.
theres alot more going on then just take a few osc modules and wire them together , the way circuits are implemented inside is quite unique and routing via switches, you have to play one to understand