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For my own music I'd rather have noise (or in the case of hum, manually notch out the individual harmonics) than use noise reduction, but when I'm doing work for other people I occasionally need it, and more often than not Klevgrand Brusfri has been working better even at its default settings than any other noise reduction I've had the opportunity to use over the years. There are things that a conventional noise reduction plugin works better on occasionally, but even then I can usually get better results by using brusfri and then following it up with a very conservative use of an FFT based noise reduction than I can withaFFT alone. I use it a lot for taking things like fan and AC noise out of voiceovers and lectures that were recorded in let's say less than optimal conditions and at worst I'll have a bit of gated noise at the beginning and end of sentences but in those cases the original noise floor is so high that getting comparable reduction with FFT based plugins leaves me with audio that sounds like it's been through 2 or 3 generations of mp3 encoding at 64kbps.

It's a really impressive plugin.