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I'd been on there for about 3 months and this was goign to be my first sale on Reverb. Been on ebay since the days of check mailing if you go back that far.

My ebay account by the same name is still active too.

Sure hope viable competition for both ebay and reverb comes along..
I understand your frustration but I wouldn't expect much different for a first-time seller with an international bank account who joined Reverb three months ago and is attempting to sell a $2000 vintage synth accessory.

I get paid immediately upon posting tracking or purchasing a shipping label no matter the price of the item but that is a benefit earned over several years of membership, quick shipping on my sales, and perfect feedback.

Customer service has always been quick to respond via chat during business hours but it certainly helps to have a track record when you're in need of their help to resolve an issue.

Reverb is built like a community and it seems like it's working properly. Every issue I've ever had as a buyer is with a new seller with no history.

You can't just expect them to know your reputation from a matching eBay handle...

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