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One thing you need to take notice of is, comparing sunflower to other mixes, it’s much quieter and has far more dynamic rage than its competitors. This creates way more space to fit such a big reverb like it has.

I know Jaycen Joshua who is known for creating that signature big reverb sound for Swae Lee mentioned on Pensados Place that the trick to getting a reverb like that is Pre Delay.

You want a big Pre Delay because not only does it make the reverb sound longer and bigger, but it doesn’t muddy up the vocals. You can honestly do this with any reverb, I would just surf around and find some you like.

But as far as I know, having a lot of dynamic range and a quieter (less in ur face) mix as well as a big pre delay will help with achieving this reverb sound. Also make sure you also low cut and high cut filter ur reverb to allow to take up even more of its own space and less of the vocals space.

But as far as I’m concerned, the one BIG thing about this reverb that separates itself from all the other reverbs in modern mixes, is just the fact that it’s wayyyy louder and takes up far more space in the mix. Really the only way to achieve that is to compromise the loudness of ur mix to make room for the reverb. And that’s honestly the simplest thing anyone can tell you but it’s the truth.