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awesome! I just literally don't have the space for any full size keys at this point.
And you said it right...its the heaviest and largest of all my Keyboard sampler.
Its Huuuuuge.
Theres also a rack version , I think its called the DSM-1

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My all time favorite sampler ever is still the Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000. I only wish someone would write a new OS for it that isn't buggy as hell. I've never enjoyed sampling in the same way I have with that machine. Also, insane props for the detachable UI, probably 20 something years before Akai used the concept on the S6000.
I was hoping , at one point, to get the SC Prophet 2000 but with the price ive seen, I just forgot about it. Whats the difference between the 3000 and the 2000?