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Imagine a 12 bit sampler with extended capability and a MS-20 sound with a moog a like type of analog filter to it.

Only issue is the sampling time.

( Straylight ) Tom virostek made a mod for it where you can load more small samples at the same time but that doesnt actually let you load a Long sample in one shot. It has something to do with the software. dont quote me on that because I understand nothing about it but I remember someone telling me that they would need to rewrite the os completely for a longer sample to be loaded.

Anyhow, this might be the best 12 bit sampler for bass i've ever heard. Its wide and fat with a very nice touch of distortion to it. I really advise anyone with that sort of need to dive into it.

By the way, its the one on top of the X7000 on the picture i've posted.

Its always a go to here.
awesome! I just literally don't have the space for any full size keys at this point. My all time favorite sampler ever is still the Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000. I only wish someone would write a new OS for it that isn't buggy as hell. I've never enjoyed sampling in the same way I have with that machine. Also, insane props for the detachable UI, probably 20 something years before Akai used the concept on the S6000.